Question for the MLA-goers

Hey, those of you who went to MLA this year, a query:

Did any of you go to
the "Literary Geospaces" panel? How was it? And who was it who was
talking about "memory mapping," as the Chronicle bloggers report?

I do rather wish I’d been there for the various Association
for Computing in the Humanities sessions
, but I can’t say I deeply
regret spending my winter break seeing
most of my family and catching up on much-needed sleep. Maybe next year, when I haven’t just spent a month
working on library school projects. Right now I’m just glad my brain
got a rest and I didn’t have to use the word
"problematize." (Although my friend T. and I, catching up over the break, did start talking about "Notes on ‘Camp’" in
relation to the increasing ironization of certain parts of Baltimore.
Old habits die hard.)

But if any of you have entertaining MLA stories to share, spill!

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