ALA Midwinter, day 1

I’m sitting in the Convention Center in downtown Philly waiting for the next job-seeker orientation event to start up. Most of what I’m doing today is job-seeker workshops, getting my resume reviewed, and checking out the recruiters; tomorrow and Sunday I’m going to a bunch of Literature in English Section events, the MLA International Bibliography discussion group, a session on next generation catalogs, and a bunch of receptions. I’m also hoping to have time to drop into the OCLC bloggers’ salon Sunday night. If any of you reading this are also here for ALA and want to say hello, send me an e-mail!

It’s nice to be at a conference that’s practically in my backyard, although getting to 8 a.m. sessions is a bit more time-consuming when you’re not in a hotel right near the convention center. But it still beats air travel by a factor of infinity.

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