ALA Midwinter wrapup

Well, there went my resolution to blog at intervals over the weekend, but really, I was mostly there for a handful of discussion groups, the chance to schmooze with people in areas I’d like to work in, and the exhibits. (NYRB Editions, you are my favorite booth at every conference.) ALA Midwinter is mostly for people who are on committees, and while I’m planning on doing more of that, I’m not on any committees yet. So it was a fairly low-key experience.

I did go to some nice receptions, and squeezed in a visit to the Rosenbach Museum and Library, where I finally saw their current Maurice Sendak exhibit and went on a tour with several other attendees. Not that I couldn’t go there any weekend, but I might not have taken the tour if left to my own devices. Our docent showed us one of John Tenniel’s sketches for Alice in Wonderland (the Walrus and the Carpenter accompanied by oysters), and pointed out the reconstruction of Marianne Moore‘s Greenwich Village apartment.

Random observation: while rushing through one of the hotels, I passed a whole group of people knitting, and spotted another knitter or two at work during various sessions. The sweater project is at an awkward stage, but I wished I’d brought it along. Striking up a conversation with complete strangers is so much easier when all of you have in-progress knitting in your hands.

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