Google poetry goes…paper?

Actual book summary encountered today while I was selecting new books:

"Poetry consisting of found text from Google search results."

And I find myself surprised, not at the fact that someone would publish a book of found poetry from collaged text, or that they'd assemble it out of Google-fragments, but that the resulting poems would end up published in print. It's a little odd to think of an all-but-born-digital form jumping backward into older media. (Although not so surprising when you recall the various paper-based Dadaist experiments with collage and cadavres exquis.)

I'm kind of intrigued, actually, because I've always liked the found poem genre, and I'm curious as to how the poet put the found text together. One can always auto-generate Google poems, after all, but presumably these are assembled differently.

One Response to “Google poetry goes…paper?”

  1. Wow. I love found poetry, too. I’m curious that this book is made from *results,* though — I always think it’s the keyword strings that are evocativePr