Knitting projects update: The sci-fi shawl

So I've had this lovely, slightly iridescent Blue Heron Rayon Flake yarn (in more or less this colorway) in my yarn stash for ages and ages, always planning to make a shawl out of it, but never getting very far with my plans for it. That's just changed, for two reasons: regular knitting time with fellow knitters at Conn College, and Ravelry, with its huge and easily searchable database of excellent patterns. The result: my next big, ambitious project, the Sci-Fi Shawl.

Okay, it's not all that science-fictional. But the pattern I've chosen involves a chevron-esque lace pattern that looks sleeker and rather more futuristic than your average lace — an effect that I think the colors of the yarn will enhance. And then there's the name: the Adamas Shawl. It's really named after the Greek word for "diamond," on account of the repeating diamond shape. But I keep wanting to read it as "Adama's Shawl," and trying to picture Admiral Adama wearing it, and snorting to myself at the incongruity. And yet the design wouldn't be out of place on an episode of Battlestar Galactica. Hence my unofficial name for the shawl.

The only drawback to this project is that it's too complicated a pattern to work on while actually watching BSG when it returns in April. But I'm psyched, all the same. Expect pictures if I make any kind of regular progress.

3 Responses to “Knitting projects update: The sci-fi shawl”

  1. Dianna says:

    Well, it’s the kind of thing which I could see would be a gift for Laura 🙂

  2. Bronwen says:

    Very nice! I’m on an opposite knitting kick, where everything I’m working on needs to look like leaves or feathers or branches… But then again, sci-fi knitting sounds pretty tempting. I’m thinking I might need to design a Metropolis garment sometime in the future…

  3. Amanda says:

    You mean like a robot-woman garment? 🙂