More Twitter-fiction reenactment: is this a trend?

Someone’s clearly been reading my mind. Dracula, one of my current obsessions, meets Twitter-fiction, another of my current obsessions, over at Real-Time Dracula, a “reimagining/modernization/condensation of the classic horror novel Dracula in the Web 2.0 medium.” I don’t quite agree with all of the characterization (e.g. Lucy’s use of OMG giggly teen txtspeak!!!1!), but I like the way author Michael Gordon is using Twitter to follow the timeline of the novel and let the story play out. Plus, @JHarkerEsq‘s tweets are a riot:

Carpathians are a
whirlpool of superstition, cultures, languages. Peasants all fear for
my life. Also have excellent chicken paprikash here.

Count went on bit
of a rant about vanity. Threw away my 1 good mirror. Well, not so
good-didn’t see Count in it, tho he was right behind me.
Dear @MinaHarker2be The Count has asked me to write to you. Things are SUPER! Hugs & Kisses!

*Deep breath*
Count is NOT an inhuman lizard man (despite mounting evidence). I am
NOT trapped in the castle (see previous). *deep breath*

Rat bastard not only stole all my papers, he nicked my good suit. Worst. Host. Ever. Hiding this diary for now, just in case.

It’s interesting how much more comedic the story becomes when retold like this; I suppose every version of Dracula is to some degree self-consciously presented as a version or an adaptation. It’ll be fun to compare Real-Time Dracula with the Twitter War of the Worlds.

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