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Some biblio-visuals for a Sunday afternoon

I’ve been coveting the "Pogo" bookshelf, which secures to the floor and the ceiling on pogo-stick-like legs, ever since I saw it at the Bookshelf blog. I could really have used one for a room divider in my current apartment. An altered-book art roundup (spotted at the Library Success wiki, which suggests donating books to […]

The fascination of miniature

I ran across Lori Nix’s website the other day, and am fascinated. Nix is a photographer who creates miniature models and then photographs them. Her most recent work (as seen on BoingBoing) is The City, a series of tableaux of grand but abandoned buildings — museums, libraries, an aquarium, a theater, a clock tower — […]

Dante, puppets, Baroque quotation

I’ve blogged before about Sandow Birk’s modernized graphic-novelesque version of Dante’s Inferno. Now (via if:book) I’ve just discovered that it’s become a movie — an animated movie, with the animation done by moving hand-drawn paper puppets around in front of a camera. If that sounds like a low-budget nightmare, just watch the trailer. I can’t […]

I love idiosyncratic shelving systems.

The interval right before cataloging class seems as good a time as any to link to Nina Katchadourian’s Sorted Books Project. She’s an artist who takes books and stacks them so that the titles on their spines tell a story. Some of them are hilarious: Leonardo da Vinci as a Musician on top of Tone […]

This is why I love maps

I wish I were in London so I could see the British Library’s London: A Life in Maps exhibit. But the site they’ve created for it is well worth a visit even if you can’t be there in the flesh. I especially like the way they’ve linked their images to a Google map of present-day […]

A visit to the art museum

Owing to Swarthmore’s fall break schedule, the weekend before last was a three-day one for me. I celebrated the extra day off by visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which was high on the list of "things I’m surprised I haven’t done since moving to Philly." I ended up spending most of my time on […]