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If dissertations were software

In my systems analysis class this week, we learned about the differences between various models for software development, and we talked a bit about the circumstances under which you might choose one model or another. For instance: the waterfall model, in which the programmers and everyone else involved in the project move through a series […]

First week of classes in review

Miscellaneous notes from the first week of classes: Wow, it’s been a while since I was a student. My Tuesday evening class was practically my first exposure to PowerPoint as a lecture presentation method. Not that I’ve never encountered PowerPoint before — far from it — but before this term, I’d never taken a class […]


Yesterday evening I went to Drexel’s new graduate student orientation. We all sat in an auditorium and listened to presentations on financial aid and library resources and the grad student association and whatnot, and then we all trooped out to eat free food and talk to our advisers at the tables our respective schools had […]