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In search of class project topics

I’m going to be creating a couple of sites for the web-design class I’m taking this fall. As far as I can tell from looking at previous students’ work, the content can be just about anything. Which leaves me with far too many ideas for what to do for my final project site. Here’s what I’ve thought of […]

Random bullets of cataloging (and other randomness)

Our cataloging class had its final meeting on Tuesday night. It was a good class; I still don’t think I’d want to be a cataloger full time, but I enjoyed learning how to do it. Next term I’m taking a course on content representation, which deals with some of the same intellectual territory. I’ve also […]

Knowledge organization, reading notes, killer apps

At the end of an article on theory in knowledge organization that I read for my cataloging class, I found (and circled) this paragraph: …Another area rife [sic] for theoretical development is the extensive work of cocitation and coword analysis. This work describes relationships among scholars, essentially mapping intellectual relationships within knowledge domains as represented […]

Things I’ve learned in cataloging class

There exists a Library of Congress subject heading for "roller disco." Unsurprisingly, when I searched WorldCat for it, eight of the ten results were first published between 1979 and 1981. You can also catalog works on roller disco using a combination of the subject headings "Roller skating" and "Disco dancing." There’s an entire MARC fixed […]

Open letter to an ebook provider

Dear NetLibrary, It’s not that I don’t appreciate having online access to a book that everyone in my cataloging class is going to be vying over this weekend. And it’s not that I don’t also appreciate the fact that you seem to have ditched the PDF format, a move for which I’m profoundly grateful, considering […]

Exam week update

Whew. One final exam (Research Methods and Statistics) down, one take-home exam and final paper (both for History of the Book) to go. The stats exam was pretty easy, all things considered. Now all I have to do is crank out approximately ten pages between now and next Wednesday. And now I’m heading homeward to […]

Greetings from allergy land, and a trip to New Jersey

The only consolation for the fact that the air is full of pollen right now, making me sneeze and curse every time I go outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather, is that everyone else is suffering too. It’s like a constant Greek chorus of sneezes. In other news, the History of the Book project continues […]

Reconnecting with my inner medievalist

The most beautiful thing I’ve seen this week: this page from the Stockholm Codex Aureus. We looked at a slide of it in History of the Book last night. You can’t quite tell from the image, but the vellum it’s written on is dyed purple. Aren’t the letters just amazing? (We looked at slides of […]

Desperately seeking Bischoff

This quarter at Drexel, the class I’m excited to be taking is History of the Book. I’m already generating paper topics. (I want to use the paper to explore one of my nebulous future project ideas. Representations of opera in 18th century British engravings? Maps in books? Stages in the development of indices and tables […]

Reaching the “good enough” point

For every school assignment (and probably every other task, really), there’s a point where you decide that it’s good enough as it is, and you could continue to tinker with it, but that would probably drive you crazy without really making it much better. So you declare it done, turn it in, and hope for […]