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Bloomsday, vacation week, virtual Rome

Happy Bloomsday, all! I’m off to the Rosenbach this afternoon to listen to people reading Joyce. I probably won’t stay for the full seven-hour Ulysses marathon, but it should be fun. In other news, my last paper and final exam are done, spring quarter is officially over, and I’ve got a week of vacation coming […]

Seen around the web (and offline as well)

I am so totally sending a paper abstract to the organizers of this conference. Spatializations of knowledge, memory, libraries, architecture, intellectual networks — the only way it could possibly be a more perfect match with my research obsessions would be if there was a track entirely about poetry. (But I’ll find a way to work […]

BORC, special wi-fi outage edition

The reason I haven’t been posting very much lately is that Earthlink’s wi-fi network in my area has been down for over two weeks, and all they’ll tell me over the phone is "They’re working on it," and that it’ll be fixed in a few hours or a few days, which it never is. Dear […]

By special request: a perfume obsession post

Clancy asked me if I’d do a Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab post along the lines of this one from New Kid on the Hallway. BPAL, for those of you who’ve never heard of it, make some of the strangest and most fabulous perfume oils out there, and they have the best names for them, too […]

BORC, end-of-term edition

No time for substantial posting means … it’s time for Bullets of Random Crap! I missed the Oscars this year, but since everyone else blogged about them, I at least got in on the celebrity outfit mockery (which is the main reason to watch the Oscars, anyway) vicariously. I would like to state for the […]

Real-life applications of obscure research obsessions

I was listening to This American Life this weekend, and the first story was about a guy who went to extraordinary lengths to get onto Jeopardy!. So I’m half-listening, and the guy starts talking about how he memorized facts, like the titles of E. M. Forster’s novels: to remember A Room with a View, he […]

del.icio.us link of the week

It’s not just that it’s a low-environmental-impact house built out of scrap materials on a shoestring budget, or that salvaged tree-limbs feature prominently on the inside. Or that it’s in a lovely rural spot in Wales. No, what really made me squeak with delight when I found the Low-Impact Woodland House on del.icio.us is this: […]

This is why I love maps

I wish I were in London so I could see the British Library’s London: A Life in Maps exhibit. But the site they’ve created for it is well worth a visit even if you can’t be there in the flesh. I especially like the way they’ve linked their images to a Google map of present-day […]

Things I would be blogging about

… if it weren’t late, and I hadn’t just gotten home from class, and I didn’t have to get up early tomorrow morning: The first two weeks of the winter term, and why my classes are shaping up to be really good Pan’s Labyrinth, which I finally saw and highly recommend An idea I had […]

Quick linkfest

Because I have a million relatives still to get presents for, and holiday travel to prepare for as well, have some links: indexed is my new favorite picture-blog. I always knew Venn diagrams were more fun than people gave them credit for. OMG, the Handelmania podcast! I mean, just look at all those amazingly cool […]