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Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart!

Knitting projects update: a trip to the sheep festival

It’s been a while since I posted anything about knitting, so, for the handful of people who come for the knitting posts (and, I hope, stay for the poetry/opera/librarianship/academia/randomness mishmash that I usually post about): My vest project is patiently waiting to be unblocked, seamed, embellished around the edges and armholes, and finished off with […]

Knitting projects update: Fast away the old year passes

It’s New Year’s Eve and it’s snowing like mad outside. (I could post pictures, but they’d look almost exactly like the ones I posted on the 19th. Only more so.) As it’s an inescapably domestic sort of day, and as I’m looking back over the year in retrospect anyway, here’s an update on knitting projects […]

Knitted things for opera people

While searching for interesting sock patterns (I'm almost finished a pair of socks as a present for my grandmother, and I'm on a roll), I came across the Tsock Tsarina, who makes kits for clever themed socks: mythological socks, Egyptian socks, and even a fantastically geeky "Nine Tailors" sock that incorporates a colorwork panel to […]

Knitting bleg: Help me choose my next project

It's getting rapidly colder up here in New England, and with corresponding rapidity I'm learning where the cold spots are in my apartment (the front door leaks heat like a leaky thing) and in my office. My plan for dealing with the cold involves weatherstripping, long underwear, a space heater for the office, and, of […]

Gratuitiously cute alpaca post

Because I just can't take any more anxiety about the state of the economy, I'm going to blog about fluffy animals today. Well, that and because I went to see some fluffy animals this afternoon. Specifically, alpacas. This weekend is National Alpaca Open House weekend, an event I'd never heard of until some of my […]

Lacemaking as metaphor

Adamas shawl in progress Originally uploaded by amndw2 This is a shot of my in-progress Sci-Fi Shawl, which is finally starting to look like the pattern. It occurred to me, as I started it, that lacemaking ought to be a metaphor for something: you start off with no idea what you’re doing, it all looks […]

Knitting projects update: The sci-fi shawl

So I've had this lovely, slightly iridescent Blue Heron Rayon Flake yarn (in more or less this colorway) in my yarn stash for ages and ages, always planning to make a shawl out of it, but never getting very far with my plans for it. That's just changed, for two reasons: regular knitting time with […]

Hey fellow knitters…

…is anyone else doing world wide knit in public day? I’m planning to go to the one in Rittenhouse Square, if it’s a nice day, with either the Sweater That’s Almost Done But Just Needs Sewing Together* or the Adorable Baby Hat. * Which is why it’s not done yet. I like to knit, but […]

In the knitting queue

Thanks to Ravelry, I can now stick potential knitting projects into a virtual queue to remind myself of what I want to knit next. In my queue at present, for whenever I finish the sweater I’m working on (or whenever I need a break from it): Lace-up opera gloves, to which I was drawn both […]

Ravel’d sleeves of something or other

By the way, speaking of knitting: I just joined Ravelry, which is a bit like LibraryThing, only for knitters and crocheters. You use it to keep track of patterns you like, projects you’re working on and the progress you’ve made, yarn in your stash, and whether you really have a set of size 3 double-pointed […]