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Fun with network diagrams!

I’d been meaning to experiment with social network graphs ever since I read Miriam Posner’s post about visualizing movie industry networks using Cytoscape, a network analysis program designed for scientists but (as Miriam demonstrates) equally useful for humanists who want to visualize a network. I finally got around to it a couple of weeks ago, […]

2012 in review

I ended 2011 on a not very happy note, feeling stuck in both my personal and my professional life, and fully expecting 2012 to bring more of the same. Well, 2012, you sure blew those expectations away, didn’t you? I’ve never in my whole life been happier to have been proved completely wrong. In January, […]

AcWriMo: some reflections

So now it’s December, and AcWriMo has come and gone. How did it work out? Here are some thoughts: I wrote just over 13,000 words in 30 days. Which is not bad at all, considering that I set a relatively modest goal (half an hour every day). I didn’t write quite every day in November […]

AcWriMo: Throwing my hat into the ring.

I got wind of AcWriMo (the academic-writing answer to NaNoWriMo) just as I was starting to think “Okay, now that the Potential Book Project has a good chance of turning into my Tenure Book Project, I should start making time to work on it.” It’s high time I got back into the daily writing habit, […]

A kitchen-sink post on failure

Yesterday was the International Day for Failure, which I heard about via the Library Loon and various others on Twitter. I’d been mulling this post for about a week, and I was going to actually write the thing yesterday so as to be timely, but, well, I kinda failed at that. It was prompted by several […]

Random bullets of “I’m in New York!”

I’m here! Safe and sound! Moved a couple of weeks ago, started my new job in mid-September, only just got the internets in my new apartment. Yes, the new job is fantastic so far. I continue to feel like I won the lottery and got whisked off to a ball in a transformed pumpkin carriage. I just […]

A big announcement.

I’ve been sitting on this news until I had a formal offer letter in hand, but now I do, and now I can say it: I have a new job! In mid-September, I’m going to be the new Librarian for English and Comparative Literature at New York University‘s Elmer Holmes Bobst Library. I’m in the […]

Things I did on my summer vacation: a photo post

I’m once again overdue for a blog post. But this time I have the excuse that it’s been an unexpectedly fabulous and eventful summer. So here’s a quick recap: In late May and early June, I went back to the UK. Highlights included: going on a walking tour in North Wales and climbing Snowdon* with […]

Introducing Goldengrove Unleaving

Margaret, are you grieving Over Goldengrove unleaving? Leaves, like the things of man, you With your fresh thoughts care for, can you? Ah! as the heart grows older It will come to such sights colder By & by, nor spare a sigh Though worlds of wanwood leafmeal lie; And yet you wíll weep & know […]

Committing to a few projects

It seems to help me move new projects from the “maybe” stage in my head (a.k.a. the “brain crack” stage, to borrow Ze Frank’s unforgettable terminology) to the “out into the world” stage if I say, in public, that I’m going to do them. This doesn’t always work — my NoNaShoStoWriMo project fizzled out, for […]