BORC post

("BORC" would be "Bullets of Random Crap," a term that’s been floating around the academic blogosphere; I spotted it most recently at CultureCat.)

  • Signs that exam period is upon us, 1: The library is packed this week. All available study spaces have been snapped up. I overheard a student saying that she’d spent twelve and a half hours in the library the other day. (I hope she took a break to eat something somewhere along the line!)
  • I really want to see Brokeback Mountain, but it’s not playing in Charlottesville. It is playing in Baltimore, where I’ll be over the winter break, but somehow I doubt my family will choose the tragic gay cowboy love story for our annual post-Christmas movie expedition. Though if they do, I’ll be quite happy.
  • This week I learned the Russian word for "hedgehog." It’s pronouced "yozh," and the diminutive is "yozhik."
  • Yesterday evening I made an off-the-cuff reader-advisory recommendation to a colleague who was looking for a novel to give her sister, and she (colleague, not sister) said "Amanda! You’re going to be a librarian!" And that was my Warm Fuzzy Moment of the day.
  • I’ve just been introduced to Subversion. Man, I would have killed for something like this when I was in grad school and trying to keep track of the 500 versions of each dissertation chapter.
  • More snow is on the way, mixed with rain and sleet. Every winter I realize I haven’t outgrown the impulse to listen to the school-closing reports on the radio to see if I’ve got the day off.
  • Signs that exam period is upon us, 2: Today I spotted two students wearing pajama pants as outerwear.

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