In which I am a total fangirl

I’m hanging out in Bryn Mawr’s library waiting to see a panel discussion on "New Frontiers in Cartooning and Graphic Novels". On the roster of speakers: Jessica Abel (a fellow U of Chicago alum, though I don’t think we ever met), Gabrielle Bell, Lauren Weinstein, and my favorite cartoonist of all time, Alison Bechdel. I’m so getting her autograph on my copy of Fun Home. Whee!

… And now I should really go find a seat before the room fills up. Update to follow.

[Update: They all rocked. All four read from their current work, and it was really interesting to see how they translated such a visual medium into the "author reading" format: with slides and, in some cases, dialogue and sound effects. Also, the title page of my copy of Fun Home now has not only Alison Bechdel’s autograph, but also a little sketch of Mo saying "Librarians rule." That made my week.]

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