Small quandary

I’ve been assembling an online portfolio, partly for demonstration
purposes (for a talk I’ll be giving) and partly for future job-hunting.
I’ve got links or citations to a bunch of writing, formal and
informal, library-oriented and literature-oriented. I’ve been thinking of sending potential portfolio-readers to
a handful of posts here, particularly the series I did on
academic research, plus some of the ones on mapping and

But my instincts (and various people’s advice on professional
portfolios) are telling me not to link to what is, after all, a
personal and highly miscellaneous blog on my "professional identity"
site. Not that I don’t expect potential employers to find their way
here when they Google me, but a direct link seems a bit much.

I still want to repackage those posts somehow. So, the quandary: would
it be too weird to just repost them on my non-blog site, remove the original blog context, and call them mini-essays? What do you think?

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