Department of small culinary miracles

It’s a little embarrassing that the La Dominique crepe cart has been in business right next to Drexel’s Hagerty Library for four months already and it took me until today to discover it and try their crepes. One can get crepes made with buckwheat flour and a greater range of fillings at Beau Monde Creperie down in Bella Vista — but at La Dominique, you get to watch while the owner makes your crepe by hand, steaming vegetables under a little lid on a grill and pouring batter onto a round crepe-sized cooking surface and decorating everything just so. And then you go off to sit down outside with a fabulous lunch. And it’s right next to where I go to classes.

Now I’m already regretting the fact that I’m only going to be at Drexel
for another month or so. To make up for lost time, I’m going to try as many of La Dominique’s crepes as I possibly can.

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