Random bullets of National Coming Out Day

  • Hooray for the Connecticut Supreme Court! As you can probably imagine, I'm feeling pretty good about being in Connecticut right now.
  • I hope this state doesn't become ground zero for Proposition 8: The East Coast Sequel. If it does, I may have to reawaken my long-dormant activist side.*
  • I've been mostly resisting the impulse to blog about electoral politics. But I just can't not say anything about what Sarah Palin said in that one interview, about her gay friend who "happens to have
    made a choice that isn't a choice that I [Palin] would
    have made." Because what on earth is up with people thinking sexual orientation is a "choice"? I mean, seriously, who sits down and decides "Today I think I'll be attracted to that person over there!" or "Let's see, perhaps I ought to fall in love with so-and-so"? It just doesn't work that way. Does Palin really not understand this after 30 years of being best friends with a gay person? And does she also not understand that the "choice" to be with the person you love (as opposed to spending your life trying to deny and conceal who you love) is, in fact, the same choice she presumably made when she got married? Please.
  • On a more frivolous (but still political) note, I have a new celebrity crush, and her name is Rachel Maddow. Too bad she's already spoken for.
  • Happy National Coming Out Day, everyone!

* I have the introvert's extreme dislike of cold-calling strangers and knocking on random people's doors. But volunteer efforts need back-of-the-office people too.

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