A few days ago, someone on Opera-L mentioned Gabriel Kahane's Craigslistlieder, a song cycle based on, you guessed it, personal ads from Craigslist. (One of them, the wildly funny "Neurotic and Lonely," can be heard on Gabriel Kahane's MySpace page; or you can listen to them all here).

Tickled, I promptly tweeted about it. At which point a couple of Twitter friends pointed me to Sam Krahn's Missed Connections Song Cycle, this one based on Chicago's Craigslist and first performed at the Green Mill.

Meanwhile, the New York Times has been assembling found poetry from Craigslist, and a Google search turns up a few more examples. (Personally, I think Craigslist poetry sounds best when set to music.) Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, and the third time is evidence of the Next Big Thing?

Obviously, the next step is for someone to write some Twitter lieder. Or, perhaps even better, Found Magazine lieder or Passive Aggressive Notes lieder. I'm only half joking. Actually, I'm not joking at all. Any composers out there want to try it?

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