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Even the musky muscadines

Virginia is the furthest south I’ve ever lived — except for Santa Monica, which I don’t count because I think of California as west more than anything else. So far it hasn’t been that much of a culture shock, but every so often I think "Hey, I really am living in the south." What prompts […]

New Ashbery

Languagehat posts a new John Ashbery poem from the NYRB. An excerpt: We were warned about spiders, and the occasional famine. We drove downtown to see our neighbors. None of them were home. We nestled in yards the municipality had created, reminisced about other, different places— but were they? Hadn’t we known it all before? […]

Knitting epiphany

Via frizzyLogic: Teresa Nielsen Hayden’s theory of geek knitting makes complete and utter sense to me. Not because I’m a math geek — I’m not, though I love the idea that people have designed Möbius scarves, or perhaps that’s my inner Lacanian talking — but because I’m a poetry geek. Knitting has a formal logic […]