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Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart!

A markup language for geeky knitters

Just as I’m wrapping up work on my controlled vocabulary for knitting (final project #2, almost done), I come across this: KnitML, the knitting markup language. As the About page puts it, Imagine being able to do the following for any KnitML-based pattern: Render a pattern in either written directions or a chart, dependent on […]

Knitting, the cure for midterms

It’s midpoint in the quarter at Drexel. I’m just beginning to get freaked out over all the assignments that have to be turned in over the next couple of weeks. So, naturally, it’s time to obsess over future knitting projects! Earlier this fall I decided that this year, I would manage to knit a sweater […]

Knitting project jamboree

I don’t know why, but my brain’s been feeling logy of late. Maybe it’s just because it’s summer and part of me still equates this time of year with school vacations and laziness. At any rate, I’ve got a bit of blogger’s block going on; most of my writing energy is going into thinking about […]

Every city needs a Knitting Map.

Commissioned by Cork 2005, European Capital of Culture, The Knitting Map drew its inspiration from Cork City, celebrating its place at the cultural heart of Europe. The Knitting Map is not a literal map; instead of a single still image, it is a moving, evolving translation of the busy-ness of Patrick Street; the wetness of […]

Geek knitting redux

The winter Knitty is up, and I have fallen madly in love with this binary code scarf pattern, which I’ve decided will be one of my next large projects. And yes, I have every intention of encoding an actual message into the scarf. I found a handy little Unicode-to-binary tool that can convert a short […]

Sea-creature knitting

I have a really nasty cold and have spent the better part of today at home alternately napping and drinking large amounts of tea with honey, lemon, and grated ginger in it. Browsing the archives at Cute Overload is about as much intellectual activity as I’m up to at the moment, but it has cheered […]

Because it’s been a while since I posted anything about knitting…

A study in contrasts: Splendid knitting patterns from the new Knitty. This sweater is going to be my next Big Ambitious Project. Hideous knitting patterns from You Knit What??, with snarky commentary. Thank God I’m not the only one horrified by eighties sweater design. (C/o Frogs and Ravens.)

Definitely not your grandma’s kind of knitting.

And in honor of my recently unpacked yarn stash: sexy knitting from Knitty! I bet I could use a pair of fishnets. And the whip that doubles as a belt is pure genius. Cindy commented here earlier that knitters and librarians have both become sexy of late. Librarians who knit are, of course, doubly sexy.

Proudly displaying my geekitude

The knitter’s geek code. How brilliant is that? Here’s mine: —–BEGIN KNITTER’S GEEK CODE BLOCK—– Version: 1.0 KECmR Exp+ SPM+ Steel++ Pl+ Syn- Nov+ Cot+ Wool++ Lux>+++ Hemp- Stash(+) Scale(+) Fin- Ent? FI Int Tex++ Lace+ Felt- Flat++ Circ+ DPN+ Swatch+ KIP- Blog(+) SNB->++ EZ@ FO? WIP+ GaugeDK(F)(B) ——END KNITTER’S GEEK CODE BLOCK—— From the […]

Wardrobe note

I think I need a QueerKnit shirt. Especially